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StreamYard Overlays & Templates – Magenta Burst

A GREAT Live Stream Overlays & Templates for Almost Any Niche

Get our best selling StreamYard Overlays &  Templates at a great low price! This template includes background templates and overlays for Single Person, 2 Person Interview, 3 Person Interview, and more!

Everything you need to make your live stream look professional in no time. Easy to edit using free online image editor.

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Easily edit and upload this StreamYard overlay/template to make your live streams look amazing.

✔️ Images are 1920 x 1080 in size – This is perfect for streaming in 1080 or scaled down to 720. You do not need to resize them – StreamYard will automatically scale them to fit your resolution.

✔️ Text is editable – Add your name, social media handles, your guest’s name, guest’s social media handles, show titles, and more

✔️ Change the background image – It’s easy to adjust the background to match your brand or style.

✔️ Graphic design experience is NOT necessary – We have simple tutorials that walk you through the easy process of editing text and changing colors using a FREE browser-based editor.

✔️ Immediate downloading – Directly after checkout, we will send you an email with a download link.

What’s included in your download.

Text Screens:

  • Theme Background
  • Starting Soon
  • Be Right Back
  • Thanks For Watching
  • Technical Difficulties
  • Title/Topic Screen


Marketing Screens:

  • Centered Text
  • Left Justified (with room to add a product image)
  • Right Justified (with room to add a product image)


1 Camera Overlays

  • 1 overlay screens.  You can add your name, additional text, and/or social media handles. This is a single camera overlay and is made for one person.

2 Camera Background:

  • 1 overlay screens for lower thirds. You can add your name and/or social media handles. This dual camera screen is made for two people.

3 Camera Background:

  • 1 overlay screen. You can add a name or social media handle. This three camera overlay is made for three people.

4 Camera Background:

  • 1 overlay screen. This four camera overlay is made for four people.

Camera Backgrounds:

  • 3 background screens. You can add show titles, topics, your name, social media handles, your guest’s name, or your guest’s social media handles. Backgrounds included Starting Soon, Technical Issues, and Thanks for Watching.

Video Countdown:

  • 1 Video Countdown. You can play a video at beginning of the live stream to countdown up to 30 seconds before going live.


These high quality premium StreamYard Templates instantly help step up your live streaming game! Get yours today and start streaming like a pro. Includes Photoshop .PSD and JPG files and can be custom edited with free PSD editing software on both mobile as well as desktop.


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Magenta Burst”

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